Department Subject Offerings 

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  • English Language
  • English Literature
  • Spanish
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  • Mathematics
  • Physical Education
  • Music

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  • Principles of Accounts
  • Principles of Business
  • Office Administration
  • Electronic Document Preparation and Management
  • Information Technology


  • Office Administration
  • Data Operations


  • Entrepreneurship
  • Accounting
  • Management of Business
  • Law
  • Information Technology



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  • Visual Arts
  • Electrical and Electronic Technology
  • Building and Furniture Technology
  • Technical Drawing


  • Carpentry
Home Ec


  • Family and Resource Management
  • Textiles, Clothing and Fashion
  • Food, Nutrition and Health


  • Commercial Food Preparation


  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Human and Social Biology
  • Integrated Science


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  • Caribbean History
  • Geograpy
  • Social Studies
  • Religioues Education
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Clement Howell High believes in continual assessment and proper maintaining of the assessment records to indicate the performance standards of the students, their areas of weakness and to inform strategies to be implemented for improvement.

Students are assessed continually throughout the three terms of the school year (Michaelmas /Hilary/Trinity).  The assessments include classwork, homework, projects, quizzes/tests and a standardized six week test.

These grades are recorded in the seventh week of every school term as marksheet grades on FEDENA.

The grade recorded for the marksheet consists of the average of the following: two (2) pieces of homework (one piece can include a project), two (2) pieces of classwork and the six week test.


6 Week Assessment Weighted as follows:

Homework - 20%

Classwork - 30%

Test - 50%


Grade Scheme

Students are expected to meet the school’s pass mark of 60% in all subjects. Failure to achieve an overall average of 60% will result in the student being placed on academic probation. If there is no improvement, the student may be asked to repeat the grade on a probationary basis.

The following system of letter and non-letter grades is used to evaluate student work:

Letter Grade Range  
A 80 – 100% Excellent
B 70 – 79% Good
C 60 – 69% Fair
D 40 – 59% Weak
E   0 – 39% Poor


Honour Roll

The Honour Roll is set at 75% as an overall average.  After each marksheet, the Form teacher analyses the grades of his/her Form to see how many students have achieved the honour roll. This is submitted to the Year Supervisor for the Mini Prize Giving Ceremony or the Annual Prize Giving Ceremony during Education Week in March.


Michaelmas Term (September to December)

Marksheet 1      - Mid October

Marksheet 2      - December

End of Term Examination


Hilary Term      (January to April)

Marksheet 1      - End of February

Mock Examination (Fifth Form)


Trinity Term     -(April to July)

Marksheet 1  - End of May

End of Year Examination



The school prepares and distributes three reports for the academic year; one for each term.  Each report details the students’ term grade, exam grade, final grade, position in class, student’s average, class average, teachers’ comments, position in subject, Form teacher’s comment and involvement in leadership and extra-curricula activities.

The Michaelmas report is distributed to Parents at the beginning of January. This also includes the examination grade of the student for the Michaelmas term.  This is the final formal report for the Fifth Form students.

The Progress Report is distributed at the end of the Easter term. The reports only show the term grade for the Hilary term which would represent Marksheet 1 of that term. The students collect them to be taken to their Parents/Guardians. Only the Form teacher and the Grade Supervisor signs these reports.

The End of Year Report is collected by the Parents/Guardians the first week in July. This report is similar to that of the Michaelmas term.

The school places importance on the collecting of reports. The Parent/Guardian is able to see the performance of his/her child/ward and to determine if he/she needs assistance in any subject area. If reports are not collected, parents will be summoned.

Promotion to the higher-grade level is not automatic, but is based on performance and attitude to work and school.

School-Based Assessment (SBA) (CSEC)

As part of the final grade for the CSEC, CXC has a Fifth Form school-based assessment (CSEC) which contributes to between 20% - 30% of the final exam grade. Failure on the part of the student to prepare the assessment will result in automatic failure of the exam.  It also means non-admission to Sixth Form for Fifth Form students.

In each Department, the teachers discuss the themes/projects/activities to be done for the SBA/IA and the timelines for submission of drafts and the final document. They also discuss the criteria for marking the assessment. This is to ensure that all persons are preparing the students with the same standards. This is then submitted to the Head for approval.

Students begin their preparation for S.B.A. assignments at the end of Fourth Form.  Science students begin writing lab books from the beginning of Fourth Form.

At the beginning of the academic year, the Heads of Department submit to the Vice Principal a timeline for the submission of drafts and the final SBA by the students.  The Vice Principal monitors these timelines by making periodic checks to Heads to report on the progress of the SBAs. In the event that a student has not completed SBA within the timeline, the Parent/Guardian is called.

During the period of marking of the SBA, the Head can request to see how the teachers are marking in order to ensure that it is in keeping with the guidelines set out by CXC and that there is equity in the marks.

Parents / Guardian are advised from the outset to take a keen interest in ensuring that their child / ward do the required CSEC assignments.


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Grads All Boys

Graduation Criteria

High School Diploma

This category is divided into four areas based on academic achievement:


Diploma with distinction – 85% and above in overall average.

Diploma with Merit –  75% - 84% overall average.

Diploma with Credit – 60% - 74% overall average.

Diploma with Pass – 50% - 59% overall average.

The determination of this award is in addition to the above students achieving a satisfactory grading for general conduct and school attendance.

High School Certification

This is awarded to those students who have attained below 50% in overall average but would have satisfied the requirement of achieving a good grade for general conduct and school attendance.

Statement of Attendance

This is awarded to those students who have not satisfied the criteria for a certificate. They would have attained an academic performance of below 40% and they obtained a satisfactory or unsatisfactory grade for general conduct and school attendance. They do not participate in the Graduation Ceremony.


Criteria for Graduation

The policy stipulates that the criteria for graduation are based on the following areas:

a) Academic Performance

b) Conduct

c) Attendance

d) Contribution to School Life



Students wishing to graduation must display exemplary conduct during their tenure in school. Students who commit offences deemed unacceptable must participate in the relevant counselling sessions provided, as often as required, and must be subject to the corresponding penalties as outlined in the

Education Policy. Failure or refusal, on the part of the student, to comply with the consequences of a committed offence will result in an automatic upgrade of the offence and the student will be subject to the penalties of the upgraded offence.



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