Caribbean Vocational Qualification (CVQ)

The Caribbean Vocational Qualification (CVQ) is a CARICOM approved award that represents achievement of a set of competencies which define core work practices of an occupational area, consistent with the levels articulated within the regional qualifications framework.

To earn an award, candidates must demonstrate competence in reaching CARICOM-approved occupational standards developed by practitioners and employers (i.e. the industry experts). These standards are organized in units. Candidates may earn unit awards towards achieving a complete CVQ.

The aim of the CVQ is the development of the Ideal Caribbean Worker. Its benefits include:

  • broad-based preparation for employment
  • an alternative route to further / higher education
  • It has parallel standing with academic qualifications at same level
  • Will complement the academic track
  • Apprenticeship with real World of Work experience
  • Recognized & Portable Qualification in CARICOM / Rest of the World
  • The CVQ ensures that you can perform in the workplace

Here at the Clement Howell High School, we have been offering subjects under CVQ since 2016 with more units and subjects being added, taking our number up to four (4) subjects. We presently offer:

  • Commercial Food Preparation Level 1
  • Data Operations Level 1
  • General Office Administration Level 1
  • Carpentry Level 1 and 2

In June 2019, we received full certification from CXC – the governing body in two subjects: Data Operation Level 1 and General Office Administration Level 1. This made us the only school in the country to have achieve that accomplishment to date.

A student pursuing a CVQ Award is required to demonstrate competence in work-based activities simulated in the school workshop/laboratory.

Assessments are comprised mainly of the following methods:

  • Observation of performance
  • Examination of products
  • Oral questioning
  • Written testing
  • Appraisal of a portfolio

Another aspect of the certification process, both for teachers and students sees them completing work experience in the industry that supports their area of specialization. This provides us with the experience we need to function at industry level; adhering to industry standards.

We presently partner with Amanyara, Beaches Resort TCI, and Turks Collections to get the required industry experience. It has been an amazing relationship which has seen the students grasping so much and getting jobs after leaving school or on holidays.

It is hoped that students starting the programme in fourth form will be fully certified at the end of form five. For this to be a reality though, they must complete all aspect of the programme and be verified internally and externally then be audited by an official from CXC after which they will be deemed competent.

By now we would have realized that skill development is the way to go. Therefore, we are all encouraged to get certified in a skill area so we can pave the way to a great future.

CVQ Students at Work on Campus

CVQ Students on Industrial Attachment

CVQ Students in Assessment

CVQ Teachers on Furlough