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Principal's Message

Let me take this opportunity to welcome you to the Clement Howell High School website. Thank you for visiting our website.  As you browse I hope that you find the information useful and interesting as you learn more about our school.

I invite you to explore our school, take a peek at our programmes, our activities, highlights and special moments.


A school of excellence, guided by a professional and efficient staff promoting Christian values while providing a safe and productive environment and empowering our young people to become model citizens in society.


To facilitate an environment of learning for the students… in order to produce optimally rounded individuals who can function effectively and contribute to the national development of the Turks and Caicos Islands.

To produce avenues for increasing educational opportunities in a healthy environment where teachers are committed to the enhancement of their total performance in society, thus promoting excellence.

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Organizational Structure and Governance

The school is governed by the Principal who is in charge of the day to day management and leadership of the institution. The Principal reports directly to the Education Officer at the Department of Education.

The school also has two Vice Principals who are under the supervision of the Principal. The Vice Principals report directly to the Principal and the Education Officer. They perform administrative duties and functions including, but not limited to, the management of the staff with mutual respect, the motivation of students to perform at or above their potential and natural ability, the demonstration of knowledge of the curriculum, instructional techniques and students’ learning styles in addition to managing change, resolving conflicts and reflecting the highest personal values and attitudes.

The school maintains an organizational structure in which various staff members assist with the general management and functioning of the school. They assist the Principal and the Vice Principals with different aspects of the operation of the school from discipline to academic life and  student welfare. They are part of the management and Senior Management of the school – Guidance Counselors, Dean of Discipline, Heads of Department and Year Level Supervisors.

The school currently has two Guidance Counselors who report to the Principal and indirectly to the Vice Principal. They provide guidance and counselling to all students who are in need. They counsel students individually or  in groups with the aim of finding resolutions to personal problems relating to attendance, home and family relations or health and emotional adjustment. The Counselors also work with students to achieve academic success by means of individual or group conferences concerning attendance, study skills, progress reports, grades, promotion, appropriate placement and high school graduation results.

They assist students with guidance in career selection and ensuring that they make the right choice of subjects based on career interests. Additionally, the Guidance Counselors attends to the welfare needs of the students in terms of assisting with the provision of lunch for students who are in need.

The Dean of Discipline reports directly to the Principal and indirectly to the Vice Principals.  He ensures the overall security, safety and well-being of the students and staff.  He also assists the Principal/Vice Principals in the resolution of disciplinary problems and maintains  records of any action taken to ensure that the School’s disciplinary  policy is administered in a fair and just manner and that an optimum learning environment is maintained. He develops appropriate programs to encourage positive behavior among all students and staff with the assistance of the Disciplinary Committee.

The Heads of Department oversee Departments which comprise subjects of varying specialization. There are eight (8) Departments in the school – Mathematics, Music, Physical Education, Language Arts, Science, Business, Social Sciences, Home Economics, Special Education and Industrial Arts. The Heads of Departments are responsible for directing and organizing the teachers in the preparation of curriculum to be executed to the students each year. They also, in collaboration with the Principal, make decisions as to the work plan for the year. They supervise lesson planning and preparation, instruction methodology and delivery in the classroom.

The school is also governed by Year Level Supervisors who report  directly to the Vice Principals and indirectly to the Principal. They are responsible for monitoring and coordinating the general work, activities and conduct of the classes in their Year Group. They monitor the progress and performance of the students and organize meetings of the Year Group, individual classes or with Parents to address students attitude, behavior and academic performance. They work closely with the Guidance Department in the event that  there any students in need of counselling or welfare.

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Past Principals

Angela Andrews

1987 - 1993

Samuel Forbes

1993 - 1996

John Matabeek

 1996 – 1998

Louise Garland Thomas

1998 - 2005


Lloyd Fearon

2005 - 2012


Gerald Persaud

2012 - 2014


Past Vice Principals

Claudette Munroe-Clare

1991 - 1994

Romaine Pratt

2004 - 2005

Hugh Adams

 2005 – 2016
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Our History

 The parents and citizens on the island of Providenciales were very vocal in persuading the Government to erect a high school on the island. Several meetings were held with the then Government and  British Development Division. Out of those meetings the Provo High School was established and the school opened its doors for that academic year in September 1987 with an official Opening Ceremony. The keys were handed over to the first Principal, Mrs Angela Andrews.

In 1990, the name Provo High was changed to Clement Howell High School in honour of one of its main advocates, Clement Ernest Howell. In that year, the school also held its first Graduation Exercise.

Clement Ernest Howell had held as his mission the desire to be an example and his objective was to teach. Understanding his role, he served his people with a cause fortified with empathy, charisma and determination.

The school started with a population of 101 students in Forms 1 – 3 and seven teachers including the Principal. The 10 courses offered included English Language, English Literature, Mathematics, Spanish, Social Studies, Food and Nutrition, Clothing and Textiles, Industrial Arts, Technical Drawing and Woodwork.

Since then, the school’s population has grown tremendously and it continues to grow.  To date, it is the largest secondary school in the Turks and Caicos Islands with a population of approximately 800 students, 61 teachers along with the Principal and two Vice Principals. This population comprises students and teachers of various nationalities.

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Clement Howell High School Song

Rise Up Howell High

Amid the toils to persevere

One beacon stands secure

A sign that calls and beckons all

To learn to love and to mature

You are the beacon Howell High

May our praises touch the skies

And when our praising days are done

May we live where we are one


Rise up Howell High spread far and wide

Commitment to excellence our motto must be

Commitment to excellence our motto must be

Throughout all ages and to the end.

As we go forth and so we must

Commitment to excellence will guide

Our will, our minds and all we are

We’ll laud, acclaim and revere

Your goodness and your graces free

Devotion of those who have strived

Commitment to excellence tell

Till our telling days are o’er.


Rise up Howell High spread far and wide

Commitment to excellence our motto must be

Commitment to excellence our motto must be

Throughout all ages and to the end.

Written by Hubert Fulford

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 House System

There are five houses named in honour of persons who have significantly impacted the school: Howell, Cox, Gardiner, Butterfield, Ewing 

With the reduction of the school population, one of the houses (Ewing) was removed from the list of houses.

House Colours

Butterfield          RED

Howell                  YELLOW

Cox                         BLUE

Gardiner               GREEN

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